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The implications of emotional intelligence, which is summarized as an understanding of your emotions and the emotions of other people, are profound in communication and many areas of life.“Emotional Intelligence is a master aptitude, a capacity that profoundly affects all other abilities,” says Goleman, “either facilitating or interfering with them.” Graduates enter the workforce only to realize that co-workers hate them, less intelligent people are the ones receiving promotions, and sucking up to the boss doesn’t help personal earnings.

The transition for intelligent people from being goal-oriented to process and people-oriented is usually realized through experience.On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, give a person a rank of ten in intelligence if you feel they were the most intelligent in the class.For the students who had lots of friends, give them a ten in the popularity category. If you have problems remembering, quickly write the ranks down on paper.He could never improve his grade by stabbing his teacher.How can someone as smart as Jason do something so dumb? Studies show there is little to no correlation between IQ and emotional intelligence and that smart people are as likely to be good at communicating as “dumb people”. I was no Einstein but got good marks in Mathematics, Physics, and other technical subjects.But I’ve observed smart people with poor communication skills make common mistakes in their communication. I graduated high school with the highest marks of my year level.


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