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How do they develop a healthy respect for their own sexuality and the sexuality of others? This is a chance for them to set the rules on what is talked about and how.

Sexual Pressures teaches kids how to establish boundaries, respect themselves, and respect others in a world filled with sexual messages, pressures and dangers that are sometimes confusing and difficult to navigate.

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These PSAs should focus on the emotional impact of sex and the peer pressures and temptations kids face.They need to keep in mind that, although these are factual statistics, they need to catch the reader's interest and attention."Sexual Bullying: Gender Conflict and Pupil Culture in Secondary Schools" Neil Duncan, September 1999 Sexual Bullying: Gender Conflict in Pupil Culture draws together a number of theories on gender, adolescent behavior and schooling to examine the social processes at work in four comprehensive schools. James Lieberman, Karen Lieberman Troccoli, September 1998 This book is an intelligent and candid sex guide for teens.This completely updated book contains interviews with pregnant teens, boyfriends' families, health-care workers, and counselors.A lively design, which includes cartoon strips and snippets from current newspaper and magazine articles, adds to the dynamic presentation.Students can begin to learn how to face sexual pressures through opening the dialogue.


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