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I explained that badly, I know, so hopefully the full list will help: 22A. The main feature of an SLR is that a mirror reflects the image seen through the lens out through the viewfinder, so that the photographer sees exactly what the lens sees.

Like Odin or Thor : NORSE In Norse mythology, Odin was the chief of the gods. The opposite direction, that pointing immediately above, is called the zenith.

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The scrolls are believed to have been written by an ancient Jewish sect called the Essenes, although this has been called into question recently.

Iago hatches a plot designed to discredit his rival Cassio by insinuating that Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona, Othello’s wife. Milky gems : OPALS An opal is often described as having a milky iridescence, known as “opalescence”. “Little Women” author : ALCOTT “Little Women” is a novel written by American author Louisa May Alcott.

The quartet of little women is Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March.

At the time the song’s recording was scheduled, the Crystals were on tour so Spector had Darlene Love perform the song in the studio, backed by the Blossoms.

But when the recording was released, the song was credited to the Crystals and they had to add it to their concert repertoire.


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