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A bit like the simit I had in Istanbul, this is a delicious fresh-baked bread topped with poppy or sesame seeds. (If anyone can decipher the name of the artist who made this Rick & Morty Romanian mural, please let me know in the comments. ) I was pleasantly surprised by Bucharest’s street art, which is colorful, edgy and well-executed.

Urban Adventures took us to this stretch of wall with panels by different artists. (All photography by Joey Wong.) Romanian street art gets an A from me.

Even the graffiti tags around Bucharest add a vibrant energy to the city.The carol is the lullaby sung by a mother who laments the impending murder of her son.It is my second favorite carol of all time (with the first being O Holy Night) and you should definitely add it to your list of songs to play this Christmas. These little guys are hanging out and waving to you from various vantage points.They’re creepy-crawling over this hipster warehouse. Bucharest’s creative street art even has 3D components.It opened in 1912, but was damaged by a 1977 earthquake and then abandoned. I was glad to see the building maintain its classic arches and carvings, while looking to the future with alien-like street art. love my slasher synthwave undercut by Chad Evans at Stratosphere Salon in Vancouver, Canada.) Outfit of the Day: Since I was going to be in Dracula’s homeland, I couldn’t resist picking up this bloody vampire fangs cut-out top from H&M’s Halloween collection. ), and Bucharest’s walls were a rainbow of street-art… I’m standing in front of one of my personal favorites. (This is the Adult Swim cartoon that follows genius scientist Rick and his not-too-swift grandson Morty on misadventures throughout the universe.) The Alternative Tour is one of the many travel experiences offered by Urban Adventures Bucharest.


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