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We asked staff members of the to share some of the best things to see and do in Michigan, based on our personal experiences.Here are 50 ideas you may want to add to your bucket list. Add your bucket list item here and be sure to explain why it's great.North of Frankfort, we'll be past the fall's peak colors. By October 8, the entire state of Michigan will be past its peak foliage.The 10 best fall hikes in the state of Michigan (in no order) from Free Press special writer Mark Spezia.The Call of the Wild museum This quirky Gaylord museum is a relic from the days of local roadside attractions, when long rides Up North were punctuated by corny and kitschy tourist stops in small towns along the way.The museum features dozens of animals preserved years ago by local taxidermists, but it’s also a museum of a lost era of tourism, before highways like I-75 enabled tourists to bypass the towns they once drove through.Within Village limits exists a walking trail through woods guaranteed to give you an "up north" experience.

Yes, you can tip from the fast-moving water and obstructions. Sold in brown paper bags, the hard-crusted Trenary Toast will last until the next millennium.Let's start with Escarpment Trial, Porcupine Mountains, Ontonagon.A four-mile, one-way trail, it hugs the rocky ridge above Lake of the Clouds. Features towering beech and maple trees in the southwestern corner of one of Michigan's oldest natural areas, dating back to 1879 when a local businessman bought the land."Other than the Pacific Northwest, we are expecting warmer-than-average fall temperatures during the during the September through November time period.These warmer temperatures are expected to prolong the color season," said data scientist Wes Melton, creator of the interactive map. Meanwhile, most of Michigan's Lower Peninsula will be brightening up, with near peak colors showing.Oswald’s Bear Ranch in Newberry features dozens of rescued and orphaned bears on 240 acres of Upper Peninsula woodlands, plus the opportunity to have your photo taken with a fuzzy bear cub.40 Mile Point Lighthouse Located on the northern shores of Lake Huron, the century-old 40 Mile Point Lighthouse in Rogers City offers more than just beautiful views and leisurely self-guided tours.


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