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Several investigations of online dating scam cases revealed that the victim made the initial contact with the scammer, through an online dating website.The scammer always speaks with the victim for couple days and afterwords they claim that they will be leaving the country for a business trip.These master scammers are able to penetrate and basically hack you, including your mind and emotions.This scheme is becoming one of the worst crimes in American history since these criminals prey on the elderly’s good nature and kindness.Sadly, he states this only represents 1-2% of those being victimized because only a small number are willing to come forward.Detective MJ describes the process these con artists use to lure victims as something similar to grooming. He emphasizes that he has had people with no education or Master’s and Doctoral Degrees fall victim to this, so these criminals are master manipulators.

MJ PI wants the public to know that he is receiving an increasing number of calls and inquiries from individuals and victims from all walks of life (at least 1-2 per week) falling victim to these slick cyber crooks.To fight back against love scams, there are websites who are going beyond the mainstream approach to report and take actions against love scammers.They share their experiences and information in the form of portable documents.This team guides and directs the scammer in order to perfect and hustle the victim until they run out of money.The professional would analyze every word emotional attack on the victim is described as if multiple physically fit individuals attack and assault one person.Love scammers pretend to be looking for love, engage the affection of their possible victims by using photos from the internet to present a gorgeous view of themselves.


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