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NI Railways has three of these locomotives, which are now mainly used for ballasting duties since their replacement on the Enterprise and other passenger duties.These locomotives are numbered 8111, 112, and 8113.As of 2015 the DBSO has been disposed of, never having been used, and is now preserved at Downpatrick and used as a barrier vehicle for their Class 450 DEMU.

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111 and 113 have been tested working in multiple, for use on the steep gradients of the Antrim branch line during ballasting operations, where the additional adhesion at low speed during ballasting is required.As of July 2017 locos 071, 073, 076, 077, 078, 081, 082, 084, 085, 087 and 088 have been refurbished.Class members that had been out of use for a number of years have been reinstated into service after overhaul.These locomotives differ from the Irish units in being standard gauge rather than Irish 1600mm gauge and having a full width car-body.After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the locomotives have been used to haul freight and passenger trains.Currently all the CIÉ locomotives remain in service, being used on freight and permanent way trains.


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