Dating horor stories

Hollywood horror is now an endless stream of remakes, sequels and general lack of originality.

There are some exceptions – It Follows while being reminiscent of classic horror makes ordinary people a reason to be fearful, which is to be admired – but these are few and far between.

The nearest US comparison for uneasy laughs would be Todd Solondz’ Happiness, but Taxidermia is far more concerned with the amount of bodily fluids it can splatter on screen – blood, faeces, vomit, sweat, semen, urine all play their part, small or otherwise.

Not recommended while eating, for those with a strong stomach.

Enough with the foreboding, tension-filled set-up – here is the list.

An entertaining German Scream-alike fascinated with the gruesome idea of awaking during an operation and being able to see the process happen first hand.

Despite the coincidental title Them is not an European remake of the classic U. Within an exceptionally efficient 72 minutes Them creates a thriller all the more effective for how close it is to reality. A hyper-stylised Russian thriller where supernatural beings walk the streets of modern day-Moscow – like the Underworld films if they were not terrible.

Despite the outlandish and repulsive acts and imagery on screen they are always grounded in reality, and are there to hold a mirror up to society and its sex, image and success obsession.

A grimy, grotesque film – more a black comedy with shockingly graphic and vile imagery than a thriller.

There is a sequel, with the same director but with different actors and less spark.

Cinema at its most elemental has everything to do with light. But in absolute darkness, and in the darkest shadows, the human mind imagines the worst terrors.


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