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Cassandra said: 'I have always known that I should be Cassandra - there is no question about that.'I've been to hell and back but now I'm finally the fabulous woman I was born to be and I hope that now my story can inspire others.'Cassandra says she knew she was a female from a very young age, and as a little boy she would long to play with dolls and dress up.When she was a young child her mother left the family, leaving Cassandra with her ultra-masculine basketball coach father and three older brothers.It’s a place where, importantly, women can take their clothes off without being judged.And it's totally different from being “just” a stripper, right? Here is a selection of quotes that Edinburgh has suggested apply to burlesque, thus differentiating it from standard stripping:“It's about the tease, rather than the nudity.”“It's about a more inclusive idea of what is sexy.”“It's empowering.But these actual burlesque routines will have to have something more to them than the usual sequence of gloves-off-basque-off-wave-a-fan-around.If you’re following that sort of generic routine, then fine – but don’t present it as ‘alternative’ or boundary-pushing work.There is certainly a lot wrong with the way that many strip clubs operate – too many to go into here — but that's a criticism of the industry, not the activity.

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Perish the thought that we might conflate what they do with people who work in strip clubs, eh?Basques, stockings and suspenders are bog-standard turn-ons: they hardly challenge society’s views on what’s sexy or acceptable.And it may be about concealing rather than revealing, but make no mistake, you are going to see tits - even if the nipples are safely ensconced behind Instagram-friendly pasties.So let’s call a spade a spade – and if it’s an alternative art performance you’re looking for in your burlesque viewing, then you might have a hard time finding it.Burlesque dancer Cassandra Cass wows audiences with her jaw-dropping performances and endless confidence - but her life has not always been so glamorous for the star.Her feminine behaviour was not tolerated, and when she was 16 her family disowned her after she came out to her father.


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