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"It's the poor person's Internet," said Dixi Dougherty, Ripple's director of operations. Ripple and its phone company partners wouldn't tell The News how much money changes hands. Male: "You sit on that goddamn phone looking for d--- on the chat line, honey.

But even if Ripple gets just a tenth of a cent per minute, it would gross almost million a year. One of them, the Loup, was used by men who raped four teenage girls in New Jersey. Female: "These f------ black boys in school were telling me I was all bony. " Male: "You should tell them, 'My butt is flat like your d---.

She has also established herself as a successful writer, producer, and author.

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She released an autobiography The Bedwetter in 2010.Regulators at first thought Paetec Communications of Fairport, N. Y., worked with Ripple too, but later said Paetec wasn't involved. com Graphic: NO PLACE FOR A KID Callers to the New York Donut hear a recorded message telling them they have to be 18. And regulators say they're powerless to shut Ripple's lines down, because that would infringe on free speech. But Ripple's chat lines will face a big disruption in coming days, thanks to The News. She was educated at The Derryfield School in Manchester and later she attended the New York University but she dropped out without completing her education.


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