Dom of religion and accommodating religious dress in schools updating microsoft program licenses

Such accommodations will be provided to staff members, students and their families.

It is understood that all students registered in TCDSB schools acknowledge that the school community proclaims, celebrates and cherishes its Catholic identity and traditions and that staff will teach the curriculum from a Catholic perspective.

In respect of religious accommodation, TCDSB acknowledges that all students, in accordance with what the Catholic Church offers in its social teachings and reflective practice, are entitled to their rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Chapels in Catholic schools are specifically designed and furnished in the Catholic tradition for prayer and liturgy, and are not to be considered multi-faith chapels.

The TCDSB is committed to the values of freedom of religion and freedom from discriminatory or harassing behaviours based on religion, and will take reasonable steps to provide religious accommodations within the legal and denominational rights afforded the Catholic school system as per Section 93 of the Constitution Act of 1867.

The duty to accommodate must be provided to the point of undue hardship.

In determining whether there is undue hardship, section 24(2) of the Code provides that reference should be made to the cost of accommodation, outside sources of funding, if any, and health and safety requirements.

Creed is interpreted by the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s 1996 Policy on Creed and the Accommodation of Religious Observances as “religious creed” or “religion.” It is defined as a professed system and confession of faith, including both beliefs and observances of worship.

Creed does not include secular, moral, or ethical beliefs or political convictions.


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