Dreamweaver library items not updating

Within Java Script, on average, there is one new framework every quarter.

Even if you choose the right one, it will be outdated soon. You choose, you still end up with a dozen, but all the ones are outside your governance.

Eventually, I relented and had our professional IT manager, who setup a process for procurement of phones. We are sent conflicting signals throughout schooling.

Even if the procurement time increased to a week, it was always guaranteed. On one hand, we are supposed to follow rules: school rules, arithmetic rules, L’Hospital’s Rule, whatever.

When I co-founded Savera, a telecom interconnect billing company, I had the chance to put my theory to action. After a few employees, I let others handle the ordering.

Soon, we ended up with many different models of phones.

It is how industrialization succeeded, by creating a large class of working class as well consumers.

It has a direct bearing on the success of software industry. By creating a standard way to work, it creates a tradition that robs incentive for innovation. Instead of its functional use, it became a part of the cultural icons and a part of aesthetics.

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How are you going to deliver those without blowing the budget? Suppose you are planning on delivering lot of front-end applications. If you are going to develop that many, you know standardization delivers the right kind of efficiency.

They tried to write lot of apps, but eventually wisely moved to SAP.

In the 2000’s, they rewrote parts of SAP in Java on the web. All in all, their focus was to take the requirements and use the right COTS application.

It is the difference between a small group of brilliant people and a large group of people working as a team.

Standardization helps in many ways: All in all, standardization plays in many ways in spreading innovation to the masses.


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