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I don’t like to think of myself as a rapper,” Lukas says with a wry grin.He prefers to simply call himself as a musician and, listening to his tracks, you can soon hear why.

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You have to send it to the distribution company that you’re working with and then it takes a while.

Back in Nelson, he was the first guy I knew that made beats and got the rest of us learning to use FL Studio and trying to rap.

When I got into making beats properly, I was messaging him all the time: ‘You should just re-post my song, you’ve got like 30,000 followers!

He gradually built a following by posting tracks to Soundcloud – a platform popular with young rappers and hip-hop producers, where they can often get away with using uncleared samples and putting up more raw, lo-fi tracks.

Amongst the names rising up on the local scene via this route are Kiwi-Korean producer/MC Hans who recently clocked up 60,000 streams for collaboration with US viral-star, Clairo, and phonk rapper Hxrman whose track ‘Iowanna’ has 90,000 views on Youtube (notable also for having tattoos enough to rival Lil Peep).


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