Outlook 2016 global address book not updating

Note: the steps above grant you access to “New-Global Address List” and “New-Address List” commands that will be used later in this article.If you cannot see “Address List” role, check your Office 365 subscription level and make sure that it is Enterprise or Education level.This next batch of commands requires only Exchange Online powershell session (see step 2 above).This last command gets object IDs of all user objects from Office 365 directory where Office attribute is set to “Flexecom”, then uses this object ID list to query Exchange Online mailboxes where External Directory Object ID attribute matches one of the object IDs from Office 365, then finally pipes the mailboxes into a commandlet that performs address book assignments. but it really isn’t all that complicated once you do it one or two times, and it does work great!It’s not the prettiest powershell command but it does the trick, and can be scheduled to run periodically so that newly created users who have membership in the Test. To confirm that your assignment command worked successfully: Office attribute in on-prem Active Directory maps to physical Delivery Office Name in Exchange Online.The approach is the same as above: we need to create 1) resource address list, 2) mailbox address list, 3) GAL 4) offline address book based on GAL, then 5) create a new address book policy combining the 4 elements above, and finally 6) assign the new address book policy to mailboxes, which in this case have a certain string in the “Office” attribute.Address List role does exist in Exchange Online but by default it is not assigned to grant GAL/address book management permissions to anyone.This step could be done on one of your ADFS farm servers that has Windows Azure Active Directory Power Shell (WAAD Posh) installed.

This command grabs object IDs of all members of our test group, gets their associated mailboxes, and pipes them into commandlet that assigns the new address book policy.

This next post is going to talk in detail about GAL segmentation setup in Office 365.

The original idea was borrowed from this Microsoft blog post, but since not all of the steps were covered there in sufficient detail, I am expanding them here, and adding two specific examples: how to segment GAL based on distribution lists membership, and how to segment GAL based on Office attribute.

If you have a lot of business or personal contacts that you keep in an Excel spreadsheet, you can import them straight into Outlook.

Then you can create a contact group (formerly called a “distribution list”) using the imported contact information.


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